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Working from home? We've got your back!

2020 was a year full of remote work and quarantining. 2021 is looking quite the same.

Here's how we can make managing technology from home easier.


Our goal has been to make video-calling, customer dial-in's, and data collecting as simple as it can be, from wherever you are.

An advantage to our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system is that it offers host technology and smartphone capabilities. This allows you to accept office calls on your cellular device or desktop. You can accept, route calls, and access all contacts right from where you are. Additionally, you can transfer to extensions, transfer to voicemails and place these calls on hold. You may also move a call from your handheld device to your desk phone at the click of a button. These features are intended for both small and large teams.

Another benefit to our services is cloud based data. These hosted services allow for smooth transitioning of collecting data from the office; while your data stays secure in the cloud. It authorizes you to maintain access from wherever you are. Using these servers might sound at risk of cyber-attacks and other ransomware, but rest assured, we implement cloud security and antivirus protection. We maintain constant management to keep your data as safe as possible, at all times.

We have worked diligently to offer a seamless transition from working in the office to working anywhere, at the drop of a hat. Due to these unprecedented times, we want to make these changes as easy and headache free to all our customers. The efforts of getting things from work to home, and vice-versa can seem overwhelming. We are here to help!

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